Download: 35 International Best Practices and Standards

Download: 35 International Best Practices and Standards
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Der Verlag Van Haren Publishing, der langjährige Partner des itSMF International ist, hat Anfang Juli 2014 das Dokument „Summarized 35 International Best Practices and Standards“ veröffentlicht. Es gibt einen ausgezeichneten Überblick über die gebräuchlichsten Best Practices und Standards aus den Bereichen IT und IT Management, Projekt Management, Enterprise Architektur, und Business Management.

Content of 35 International Best Practices and Standards


Hier das Mail von Ivo van Haren mit dem Download-Link:

Hereby we would like to share our latest free overview of 35 International Best Practices and Standards; click here (no register needed).

Download 35 International Best Practices and Standards

In this rapidly changing IT and business environment most things should and could be more easy. It is no wonder that topics like Agile, Scrum and Lean are gaining popularity. New developments  offer great opportunities for those willing to make the most out of  them but it can be difficult not to get overwhelmed.

In the current environment, with constant changes and almost  infinite ways of accessing information and communicating, it is  essential to make communication as clear as possible and ensure  the quality of information. Van Haren Publishing makes general  Best Practices available to provide quality, practically validated  information worldwide. The use of standards and frameworks  gives everyone the same language thus minimalizing the chance  of errors due to unclear communication. Best Practices regarding  these standards and frameworks provide you with information  summarizing years of experience by the best in the industry.

Not only do we publish books on Best Practices, we also actively  and independently promote the standards and frameworks via our  freely accessible Best Practice Library. To make communication  on standards everywhere a little easier, we provide you with a basic  summary of 35 relevant standards in our catalog. It is an illusion  that these standards will lead to better results. More important is  the people factor, since without people all these things don’t evolve  at all. But that is beyond the scope of the service we provide. All  we can do is to give you a start in sharing Best Practice and generic  solutions. The rest should come from you.

Kind regards,

Ivo van Haren
CEO, Van Haren Publishing

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