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My presentation “The Service Catalog Portal – Your window to your customer” was recorded on April 9 2014 on the BrightTalk Platform. You can watch the recording here.


The following question came up during my presentation:
Q: Do you think that the automation trend will make a big impact in the future of Service Catalog?
A: Automation is the key to increase user satisfaction. Like I mentioned in my presentation: The Service Portal is the user entry to the IT Organization. Like on Amazon.com all customers want to get things delivered as soon as possible. Administrators need automated IT tools that can, for example, perform installations, set up printers, create and enforce access and security policies, patch software, and more, to fulfill all requests just in time. Additionally to these automated single tasks as many as possible complete automated workflows should get established.
E.g. when a user requests the business-service ‘HR payroll management’ at first the users’ manager and the responsible service approver should automatically get asked for approval. After their approval, the software client package will get distributed automatically, the access rights in the central HR application will be granted via a role association automatically. After completion of these entire automated tasks the user gets an automated notification and can start using his requested service. No manual intervention for this whole process is needed.
The better automated request fulfillment works, the better your service catalog is recognized.


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